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Adelaide's bike share scheme has been running since 2005, and offers 200 bikes at 19 different nodes. The scheme currently operates only in the CBD, North Adelaide and local government areas of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield (western suburbs).

The service is free, but requires bikes to be picked up and dropped off at the same point, and those points are staffed locations.


image of Adelaide Free Bikes


In other cities, bike sharing is city wide and managed through use of electronic cards, allowing people to collect a bike at one point, and leave it at their destination. There are also systems which can track the availability of bikes in real time at each of the stations.

'Dockless' bike sharing schemes have recently emerged, which use GPS technology fitted to bikes, accessed via a smartphone app to locate, unlock and pay for use of the bike, eliminating the need for docks or nodes where people need to rent bikes.



Bike Sharing Feasibility Study for Adelaide


Australian Examples

Melbourne's Dockless Bike Sharing

Sydney's Dockless Bike Sharing  

International Examples

London Bike Share Map

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A tool library is just like a regular library, except you can borrow tools instead of books. Tool libraries may be located in a shed, a regular library, a community centre or anywhere that can be accessed by the public. Libraries vary in how they operate – they may be free to use, require an annual membership, or a gold coin donation per hire.

Why clutter up your shed, and spend money on rarely-used tools and equipment?

More broadly, a Library of Things could offer musical instruments, sports equipment, fashion and more to borrow:


If there isn't a tool library in your area, you could contact your local council or ask around at various community groups, or find others who are interested to start one by using the 'I Need' function on Share N Save.


How to Start a Tool Library


Center for New American Dream Webinar


Guide to Starting a Lending Library


Tool Library Management Software (provided for information only)

Tool Libraries in Australia (2003 study)


Australian Examples


Brisbane, Australia (QLD)

Brunswick, Australia (VIC)


International Examples

Toronto, Canada


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Frome, UK


Berkeley, US

Sacramento, US


International Map of Tool Libraries





Toy Libraries enable children to access a wider range of toys and games, without the expense and storage space required as they get tired of, or outgrow them. Toy Libraries may be free to use, or require a gold coin donation to cover the cost of mending or replacing lost or broken toys.



How to Start a Toy Library

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Resources - Sharing for Parents and Carers

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Big batch baking in a shared context that frees time up from cooking dinner every evening